Vertical Blinds





Sharp point Asia Vertical Blind provides an excellent solar shading system when combined with the louvers of your choice. With different types of operation and installation options available.

Sharp point Asia offers an extensive vertical range with options for straight, sloping and curved rails. The wide variety of operation choices include chain, wand, dual, mono command with motorised.

Key product features

  • A complete modular system to cater for all your needs
  • Straight, curved or sloped
  • Mono or dual command, rod and motorised control options
  • Reliable & discreet motors

Vertical blinds


suitable shading for big window façades are vertical blinds. Vertical blinds consist of small and vertical running fabric panels, which are mounted on a guiding rail. The slats can shade a part or the whole window through the simple movement of the rail. Due to the vertical turning, the single slats can be continuously adjusted. Therefore, the vertical blind has also the name “vertical venetian blind”. According to the adjustment of the slats, you can control the light incidence and a view to the outside is still possible. This product is especially practical for offices and the private area.

Product advantages

  • rectangular windows
  • big windows and glass façades
  • special window types, such as oriels, bows, gables or inclined windows
  • perfect for workstations in offices or the home office
  • for the project or private area
  • as a room divider
  • stable and durable
  • made to measure, also for inclined window types
  • variable light and view regulation
  • more than 200 different fabrics in different colours, motifs and transparencies; exclusive design fabrics
  • individual colour change possible
  • high ease of use for workstations
  • motorized types available

This is how it works: Operation

The light incidence can be freely adjusted with vertical blinds. Either with pull cord and turning chain or with an even more comfortable motor operation - through the simple turning of the slats you will create an agreeable room light without getting dazzled by the light.

Pull cord/ turning chain

operation with drawing bar & pull cord/ turning chain.

Mounting possibilities

Vertical blinds can be mounted in front of or in the reveal. Further, you have the possibilities of wall or ceiling fix.

Ceiling fix mounting

Vertical blind rails are especially integrated in the project area and the modern architecture. Thanks to the installing profile, this type is especially discreet.

Wall fix mounting

Wall fixing brackets with different lenghts are available for the wall fixation of vertical blinds.

Special forms

Either skylights, oriels or turrets – for special room situations with slopes, recesses or bending’s, the vertical blind rails for ceiling or slope blinds can be locally bended. Horizontal and vertical bended blinds are thereby possible.


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