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Roller Blinds are an attractive window dressing for any interior. A fantastic range of manual chain chain roller blinds system in different fabrics and textures to perfectly compliment every style of interior.

With moisture-resistant and blackout fabrics, motorised options and a host of accessories to choose from, your made-to-measure roller blind will be completely unique to you.

Free expert fitting

Expert measuring and fitting is included as standard. It’s all part of our dedicated in-home service.

The Finest Curated Fabrics Finished to Perfection

The simple, common-or-garden roller blind takes on a new life in the Sharp Point collection. Always on the lookout for added value and refinement, our goal has forever been to find a feature, a detail, a further addition to enable our roller blinds to rise above the ordinary into something altogether more discerning.

Tailoring the blinds to the requirements of our customers is merely the first step in creating a window covering of utmost sophistication. Though the plain, ready-made roller blind still has its place, at Sharp Point we believe in bespoke blinds that elevate the home from the height of fashion into true, timeless style.


Remote controler

Chain system

Our Individualism


In keeping with Sharp Point Asia tradition, our roller blinds don’t simply cater to distinguished tastes through design alone. The hallmark of a great product lies in the subtle nuances and well thought out choices that go into creating the finished article.

Fluent motion is a fundamental trait associated with any roller blind. In order to ensure Sharp Point Asia roller blind conforms to this tradition in the most sophisticated way possible, only a strong and stylish nickel chain will do.

Our Extras


The fabric flows smoothly over a corrosion-resistant aluminium tube;
chosen not just for its lightweight feel and ease of motion but also to ensure the longevity of the blind in a diverse range of surroundings.

A product should have a unique signature on every article, which is why Sharp Point Asia roller blinds are individually produced.
In this way, our highly skilled workforce prides itself on every blind.

Manual Chain System

Roller Blinds are an attractive window dressing for any interior. A fantastic range of manual chain chain roller blinds system in different fabrics and textures to perfectly compliment every style of interior.

The new side control unit was developed to provide an excellent performance over a wide range of window sizes. This safety first end cap locking the system to prevent the blind from coming out of its brackets during improper operation.We also scallop the base of your roller blinds to many design.


Auto Spring System

Roller Blinds auto springs system is simply a squared sheet of fabrics attached to a roller tube, and is restricted to being either raised or lowered, stopping at interm ediate positons. Even so, it's the moet popular selling style of all time, offering what we all desire-simplicity.

Roller Blinds spring taking up very litter space inside the window; it is easy
to pull, spring loaded and finished either staight at the bottom, or with scallop based. It's significantly enhances child and pet safety. We recommend cordless for children's room. Cordless is clean and contemporary.

Product features

  • Allowing light to penetrate whilst giving privacy depend on the
    fabrics is chosen.

  • Deflecting heat and glare from sunny rooms and conservatories.

  • Providing a'net' effect during the day (allowing you to see out, but
    people can't see in) Note:this type of fabrics will not provide
    privacy at night time when the liaghts are on.

  • Easy to replace fabric. Once the fabric becomes undesirable the fabric can be removed from the roller,and changed for another cloth. This reduces the cost of the blinds, but also eliminate the installation cost altogether.


Roller blind fabrics

Hundreds of gorgeous fabrics to choose from. We’ll bring them all for you to browse during your in-home appointment.

Our Fabrics


Creating the perfect roller blind begins (but does not end) with the design.

From luxury woven softs, lined to perfection, screen fabrics handle beautifully, creating a plush and well-appointed window dressing of the highest order.

Our Designs


Sharp Point Asia prides itself on individuality and nowhere is this trait borne out more strikingly than through its collection of exclusive designs.
From the seeds of an idea to the refinement of a finished pattern, each design comes to life in our very own studio.

These exclusive patterns and prints are the result of our design team’s years of creative experience.
Each one is devised to complement the style of a roller blind, fusing the vibrancy of modern trends with classic elements and traditional flair.

Roller Fabric Specification


Fabric Pattern and Color


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